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Viral Music Toolkit: How to Increase Your Fan Base

You may write some amazing songs, have terrific reviews, and even have a good sales funnel, but if you can’t successfully get traffic to your website, none of that is going to matter.

Here’s the bottom line:  No Traffic=No Album Sales

The good news is there is a way to get a lot of traffic to your website and build your fanbase without breaking the bank and that way is called the Viral Music Tool Kit.

This musicians toolkit was created by musicians for musicians and consists of four different applications specifically designed to help you easily share music, videos, downloads, images and more…so your music can go viral.

  1. Viral Music Player
  2. Viral Video Player
  3. Viral Image Revealer
  4. Viral Download Revealer

This helps you go viral because it will require your fans to “share”, “like” or “tweet” your music in order to get access to additional free music, videos, downloads, images, or other protected content you have.


This is how it works…

A) You login to your account then upload or paste your track
B) File or embed code (this will depend on the version you go with)
C) nFill out a few things like the song name, image, and text you want to appear when people share your music.

You can share your music and video, pitch  free downloads, use webcam videos to sell your albums and a lot more.


Click Here Now to Get the Viral Music Toolkit

Yes, I'm Ready for my Music to Go Viral!

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