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TuneCore Paid $36 Million to Indie Musicians in Q1 2015

Digital distributor Tunecore recently announced that artists using their platform have earned more than $36 million in the first quarter of 2015. This is a 5% increase compared to the same timeframe in 2014.  The earnings are from 2.8 billion in downloads and streams.

TuneCore artists have earned over $541 million from over 15.2 billion music streams and music downloads.

Artists continue to entrust TuneCore Music Publishing Administration to register and collect their worldwide songwriter royalties resulting in the number of managed compositions growing to over 300,000, a 20% increase (Q1 2015 vs. Q1 2014).

Songwriters are also reaping the benefits of additional revenue from synch and licensing deals that are negotiated on their behalf.
Recent high-profile placements include: HBO’s hit series Girls, cable series Better Call Saul and recently released feature film Furious 7.

TuneCore will continue to focus on getting more artists’ music to fans worldwide, and providing indie artists with the tools they need to build their indie music careers.

TuneCore artists will soon be able to optimize the way they share music across their social media platforms with a new web application,  In addition, new initiatives to provide more high-profile exposure for artists will be coming soon, and the DropKloud app will continue to add new functionality for greater engagement for both artists and fans.

Check out the TuneCore Artists infographic below.


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