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Sparkplug Launches- New Sharing Economy Marketplace for Musicians, Audio Pros

An innovative online community marketplace called Sparkplug was founded by Julia Wilde, Jennifer Newman Sharpe, Charles Ridley, and Jonathan Eshak.  This platform was launched for musicians and artists to share their untapped inventory of equipment, studio space and instruments, and make them available through the power of the sharing economy.

Now musicians all over the world can easily rent equipment, instruments and space to each other at an affordable cost.

Not only can musicians rent equipment, space and instruments so they can create their best music, but they also have the opportunity to make money by renting out their own gear. Also, musicians will have the final say when it comes to who rents their gear too.

New York City is the focus of Sparkplug’s initial rollout, but they are actively spreading the word in many cities across the US…from New York to Los Angeles.  They are also working on enabling listing functionality for members outside of the U.S

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