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Discover the Quick and Easy Way to Make Your Own Beats Today!




If you want a great resource that can help you make your own beats in no time...look no further.  Sonic Producer is the  Music Production System you want in your arsenal if you want to create the hottest music beats around.  You can easily...



  • Learn how to make your own beats with production lessons in ProTools, software instruments, keyboards, and much more.

  • Download high quality beats and instruments...instantly!

  • Produce countless beats on your computer day or night with 1000 Original sounds... whenever you feel your groove.

  • Put what you learn to good use and enter your original music beats to win the Sonic Producer $500 contest!

If you are ready to get the best music production system on the planet...Visit the following link for details.


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If you want to easily make studio quality beats today...look no further.  DUBTurbo is more than just a beat maker.  It gives you most of the functions of a high end music production program but has been made for the complete beginner so you will be able to pick it up and start running with it! You can easily....

  • Get A Professional Quality Sequencer that's Easy to Use

  • Export Beats in .wav Stereo 44.1...Studio Quality!

  • Create Amazing Music With 16 Tracks

  • Use A 4 Octave Keyboard and even Bang Out Beats with Your Own Computer Keyboard!

  • "Track Out" a.k.a. split all of your tracks into separate parts then...sell your beats!  You will be able to give the purchaser the full track as well as the split parts of audio.

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Discover Valuable Secrets for Making Professional-Quality Recordings at Home

Check out the hottest music production workshop on the internet.  You get an unlimited membership and can download hundreds of video tutorials.

Learn how to score music to picture, make hip hop, rock beats and more!

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Avoid Expensive Mistakes... Learn the Secrets to Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Home Recording Studio!

This Book is a MUST HAVE for Home Recording Enthusiasts

 Check out this link!

 For Instant Access-   Risk Free!


I have been researching myself...and I got very lost with all the technical details and equipment available. Your book took all the confusion out of it!"

Karen Pouye, Australia

"...You have put together many years worth of valuable experience and info that could take a beginner to the industry, a lifetime to gather and learn all in one book."

Leonard Barger, US

"As a music lover for 15 years, I've been trying to do some research on the best equipment to buy.  This book has given me everything I need to know and some outstanding information on what to look for. Thank you."  Sham, Producer and DJ, London UK

Click the Link Below to Order Studio Ebook Today! 

Learn How to Produce Music at home without spending thousands on studio equipment

zZounds has name brand gear at an affordable price.  The support staff is made up of musicians, so they can understand your needs.  You can be rest assured that zZounds is the way to go for all your equipment needs.


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Make Your Own Beats Today With Sonic Producer

Sonic Producer has an amazing system that helps you make your own!

If you want Platinum Quality R&B, Hip Hop Beats, and more...look no further.

To get some seriously *HOT* Beats, Check out Sonic Producer today!

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Introducing A Groundbreaking Venue Directory for Any Artist that is Planning a Tour in the US or Canada!

From the creators of The Indie Bible, comes The Indie Venue Bible - a unique, comprehensive directory of live music venues. It is in electronic (.pdf) format and lists 26,000 venues and 2000 booking agents in the US and Canada. The listings are arranged by area, making it easier for you to route and plan your tour.

You'll find thousands of coffee shops, restaurants, house concerts, theaters, clubs, halls, churches and book stores - any place you can land a gig! There are also thousands of wonderful venues listed in smaller towns that have been ignored by the mainstream venue directories. For example, we have listings for over 300 cities and towns in New York State alone!

Grab your copy today at the following link:

Indie-Music Network Launches New Site and Forum

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Don't Be A Victim of Record Labels: Learn the Truth About How to Sell Your Music Online  

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Create Music, Produce Music, Sell Your Music Online!


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Create Music, Produce Music, Sell Your Music Online!

Indie-Music Network Announces the Launch of our Site

Indie 500 Music

The Quick And Easy Way To Drive New Fans To Your Band Or Music Web Site Fast!

Get a high quality one way link into your band or music site from Indie500Music for a LOW one time fee. Claim your space today before we come to our senses and raise our prices!


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Finally...Learn How to Produce Music from Home...

Record Your Own Music In No Time!


Once you get confidence and a good handle on what you need to create music, you can learn how to produce music from home.  In fact, you can begin to record your own music CD's and MP3 downloads before you know it.  Yes, I'm talking to you.  You can learn how to produce music, and it's not as hard as you think.  I thought it was an impossible feat too, but quickly began to realize it was easier than I thought. It is also the way to go if you want to learn how to produce music that you love (not just music that a record company thinks might be commercially successful).


As most of you know, we are in the Digital Age.  You no longer have to pay a recording studio hundreds or thousands of dollars to use their expensive recording equipment. Digital recording resources are now available to everyone at an affordable price. You can easily record music with your computer and inexpensive recording software too. It's time to take advantage of high quality recording devices that can bring your music to life, and help make your grooves sound unbelievably professional.  If you aren't confident yet in your home recording skills and want to keep a low profile, you can record your music for fun until you learn some good recording skills, and achieve the professional sound that you want.  Once you get to this point, you can have a great music product that many producers and international fans would love to hear...and buy! 



 Learn How to Produce Music from Home:

9 Easy Steps to Help You Record Your Own Music



step 1: Patch Your Music Instruments into your recording device (bass, electric guitar, drums, keyboard, microphone etc)

step 2: Loop drum track, or your live drum rhythms into your recording device to make sure you are set up to keep your groove (or stay on beat)

step 3: Select Track 1, and record instrument 1 on this track e.g. Keyboard

step 4: Select Track 2, and record instrument 2 on this track e.g. Bass Guitar

step 5: Select Track 3, and record instrument 3 on this track e.g. Electric Guitar etc.

step 6: Bounce (transfer) all recorded Tracks to 1 single Track (V-Track).  This allows you to free up other tracks in order to record additional performances

step 7: Master your music to smooth out the volume levels

Home Recording Tip Make sure you rest your ears before you begin to Finalize your home recording. If you don't, it may be far more difficult for your ears to hear smooth volume levels, and you don't want your recording levels to be uneven.

step 8: Save Music, Burn to CD, and Finalize so you can play your music through other devices e.g. Computer, CD player

Home Recording Tip-  Always Save Your Music!!!  You don't want an unexpected power outtage to erase the great music you put your heart into recording.

step 9:Convert CD to MP3 or Wav file format so you can distribute your music to a lot of people, and save money on CD duplication fees.  If you still aren't confident in your home recording skills, and want to keep a low profile when you record your music, that's ok.  Practice good recording techniques for fun until you learn to achieve the professional sounding recording quality that you want.  Believe it....You can record your own music from the comfort of your home!

To show you how far technology has come, you can also get Home Recording Studio Software e.g.Cakewalk and create professional quality digital music.  Now you can Record Music using your computer, and this great software.  You can also create your own music videos. There is no better windows software available for musicians taking the step into the world of digital recording.

Cakewalk SONAR Home Studio X (Windows)


Take control of your music now.




Choose The Right Recording Equipment for Your Home Recording Studio


Click Here Now

Boss BR-1600CD Multitrack Digital Recorder

Save $200!

Boss BR-1600CD Multitrack Digital Recorder

Records up to 8 tracks simultaneously.

Are you ready to learn how to produce music?  Then the Boss BR-1600 is a great tool you'll want at your side. The BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio combines Boss' famous, easy-to-use interface with 8 XLR inputs for recording 8 tracks simultaneously. This affordable 16-track recorder comes loaded with effects for guitars and vocals -- including COSM® Overdrive/Distortion, Amp Modeling, and a Vocal Tool Box -- plus convenient PCM drum and bass tracks, a 40GB hard drive, CDRW drive, and USB port. Includes 16 individual track EQs and 8 dedicated compressors. Get started today, and record your own music from home!

It's a complete, start-to-finish studio for an amazingly  low price. Order today.

Click Here Now

Cakewalk Home Studio 2 XL

Save $70!

























Cakewalk SONAR Home Studio X (Windows)

SONAR Home Studio 6 gives you everything you need to turn your PC into a complete music production studio. Record live instruments and vocals and mix them with studio-quality audio effects. Edit audio, MIDI, and music notation. Build backing tracks or entire songs with hundreds of included instrument sounds and tempo-syncing loops. SONAR Home Studio 6 is the complete solution for creating and sharing your music.

1. Easy as Plug-n-Play
Recording any instrument is easy. Just plug in, check your levels, and hit record. Confidence Recording will draw the audio on screen as you record so you know you're getting the take.

2. Edit with Powerful Tools
Edit and arrange audio and MIDI together in one view with simple tools that give powerful results. Zoom in and make pinpoint edits to your project. Use many of the same powerful features found in SONAR Producer Edition including multi-clip edits, loop-rolling, fade drawing, and more.

3. Mix & Share Your Music
Mixing in SONAR Home Studio 6 is easy with Track Icons—no more guessing which track contains guitar or which track has the vocals.  Professional metering provides the visual feedback you need for better real-time mixing.

Create & Record
Audio & MIDI Recording
Everything is laid out in an intuitive interface that lets you quickly record, edit, arrange, and mix your music. Record guitars, keyboards, vocals, live turntable scratches, CD samples, or any other sound seamlessly.

SONAR Home Studio 6 includes four new instruments with thousands of sounds ranging from drums, bass, and guitar to keys, horns, and strings. Spark your creativity and layer your tracks using these new instruments:

Arrange & Edit
Just drag and drop a sample into DropZone, and make it part of your beat. Perfect for creating remixes or for building the perfect hook for your song. Includes real instrument sounds, drums, vocals, REX-format loops, and more. You can also preview ACID™-format loops in the tempo and key of your song, and quickly drag them into your project to create layers of tracks.

Mix & Share
Make your tracks shine with studio-quality effects. SONAR Home Studio 6 has you covered with 10 new effects that can be used to mix your tracks or can be used while you record, in real-time. Here are just a few effects that you receive:
-- Sonitus:fx EQ integrated into every track
-- Tempo sync modulation filter
-- Tempo syncing classic phaser with feedback
-- Studio reverb

Share Your Music
SONAR Home Studio 6 introduces Cakewalk Publisher, an innovative new tool that helps users publish and present their music online. Cakewalk Publisher allows SONAR Home Studio customers to create a customized, online, streaming music player with playlists of their music that can then be directly uploaded from SONAR Home Studio to band websites, MySpace pages, and other Internet sites.

Video Tutorials
Get Started Quickly
SONAR Home Studio is easy-to-use and will get you down to the business of making music in no time. Use Track Presets, Project Templates, and the Quick Start guide to help you get a project started. In addition, you also get unparalleled free customer service and access to an online user community.

Note: SONAR does not support Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, or NT. QuickTime support requires QuickTime 6 or higher.

Take control of your music now.

Cakewalk SONAR Home Studio X (Windows)



Click Here Now

Shure SM57 Instrument/Vocal Mic

Save $69!

SM57 Instrument/Vocal Mic

A workhorse onstage and in the studio.

One of the most popular professional instrument/vocal mics of all time. This dynamic mic is a reliable, natural-sounding performer, night after night. Durable, bulletproof design stands up to road travel and abuse. Perfectly at home in the studio, too. Its wide frequency response (40Hz-15kHz) and tight cardioid polar pattern are ideal for close-in miking of amps and speakers.


  • Natural sounding
  • Durable bulletproof design
  • Used widely in studios as well as on stage
  • Frequency response: 40Hz-15kHz
  • Tight cardioid polar pattern

One of the most reliable and natural-sounding mics you can buy. Moderately priced, too. Order today.

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On-Stage Stands Tripod Mic Stand with Boom
On-Stage Stands Tripod Mic Stand with Boom

Save $50!


OnStage 7700 Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

The On-Stage Spotlight Microphone Stand is the ideal tripod boom stand for countless stage and studio applications. With its durable construction of hybrid sheet metal and high-impact plastic leg housing it holds up to repeated use and abuse. A cast steel mid-point clutch also locks down the boom to secure your microphone. The boom arm can fold flat for easy storage and is removable for those times when a boom is not required.

This reliable Microphone stand is adjustable 36 in. to 63 in. and has a black finish.

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On-Stage Stands Clothespin Mic Clip

Save 50%!

OnStage Shure-type Microphone Clip (Model MY250)

This is a great mic cradle made in the Shure style.

This microphone will fit the following models:

849, SM48, SM57, SM58, SM87A, SM94, Beta 57A, Beta 87, 515X, 545, 565, 588SDX, and BG1.1, 2.1, 3.1, 4.1, and 5.1.

Yes, I want my Microphone Clip

Note:  Price discounts are subject to change

Amazing Resources For Producing Your Music


Click Here Now


Music Producer Pro


Discover a Revolutionary Resource for Producing Your Music at Home!

The Music Producer Pro workshop is an online membership with mp3 audios, pictures, and helpful videos. So, regardless of your learning will be taken care of. You will learn how to easily make beats, and learn how to record your own music in several genres.

The best part is you are learning from a professional who knows how to the training you receive is really easy to understand.

Here are just a few things you'll get with the Music Producer Pro program:

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll get with the Music Producer Pro Program

  • The MusicMasterPro Program- You will also learn Drums, Guitar AND Bass with a detailed comprehensive system to instrument performance and full documentation to make your learning experience quick and easy. You can download the entire system including a complete collection of video and audio lessons.


  • The Instrumentmaster Program- Learn to play piano and violin professionally!  You receive a gigantic collection of video AND audio lessons on MP3 and .mov format.  You will receive the entire PDF system with complete theory, rhythm lessons, and much more!


  • Online Beat Maker- You can make beats all day with this system with the click of your mouse...and you have have unlimited access to the system!


  • Rap Battle-You are put in touch with the first online MC battle recording system!!

Yes, I'm ready to get started and Record My Music from Home!



Click Here Now

Discover Valuable Secrets for Making Professional Quality Recordings at Home

Guerrilla Home Recording is a revolutionary approach to getting great sound in a home or project studio.  Even if you have a small home recording studio this book help it sound huge!

The author, Karl Coryat, will teach you how to think in terms of three simple "dimensions of sound," and discover step by step how this can help you achieve amazingly clean recordings with maximum impact.

Here are some other great tips you'll learn from Karl's home recording book:

1) How to make even the noisiest gear dead quiet

2) Getting instruments to sound crisp and distinct in a mix

3) Making drum programs and sequences sound like they were played live

4) Getting the most out of a limited number of tracks or mixer channels

5) Blending tracks together into a professional-sounding mix

6) Fun projects and exercises to sharpen your ear for sound 

7) How to avoid the most common mistakes amateur recording enthusiasts make.

Yes, I'm ready to learn how to make great home recordings!



You Have Tools at Your Fingertips to Help You Learn How to Produce Music, and Now You Can Record Your Own Music From Home.  Are You Ready for the Next Step?  Sell Your Music Online!