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Reasons Why People Will Share Your Music Video

You may have a great music video and are ready and excited to share it with the world.    You upload your video and are waiting for the views to blow up.  You see some views coming in but then the unthinkable happens…nothing.

So what happened? Why are people not sharing your video?

Here’s some reasons why people will share music videos

It’s No Good

If you’re video is just no good it may go viral.  Hopefully your video doesn’t go viral for this reason.

It Draws on Emotions

If your video gets an emotional response out of viewers, they’ll share it.

It’s Funny

Think about your own experience.  If you find a video that’s funny, you’ll share it…and so will others.  If you want your video to go viral, adding humor to your video may get the job done.

It’s Controversial

Whether you like it or not, controversy gets a conversation going, and that can take your video a long way.  You don’t have to go to extreme with the controversy but as long as people are talking about it, people will come to check out your video.

It’s Inspiring

There is a lot of pain an anger in the world, and if your video can inspire people and lift their spirits, they’ll remember you video, come back to watch it and may tell others too so your views can ultimately soar.

It’s Educational

If you can tell people something they didn’t already know, that will get their interest and they’ll pay attention to what you’re saying and may keep coming back for more of your knowledge

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