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Printed Musical Instruments? How 3-D Printing Will Change The Way We Play Music

You may have already heard that there are a lot of great things that can be made using a 3D Printer, from Smartphone cases, shoes, fabric and now even musical instruments. 3D Printing technology has come so far it may actually change the way we play music in the future.  In fact a group of students in Sweden at Lund University became the first band to play 3D instruments together in a live setting.  Check this out in the video above.

One big advantage of printing 3D instruments cost savings.  For example, for about $30 you can print a fully functional instrument that may normally sell for a few thousands dollars. You also have unlimited design possibilities (like curved internal wire routing) so you can customize the look and feel of your instrument to best suit you at only a fraction of usual cost of purchasing customized musical instruments.

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