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PewDiePie: YouTube’s Most Popular Video Star

In a previous post we talked about watch time as one of the most important concepts that affect the health of your YouTube channel and videos.

PewDiePie is a Swedish producer of Let’s Play videos (videos documenting a playthrough of a video game with commentary by the gamer and their experience with the game that is often humurous). He has 37 million subscribers as of June 2015.  His PewDiePie channel has received over 9 billion video views, and on 19 July 2014 his channel surpassed RihannaVEVO to become the most viewed channel of all time.  

PewDiePie recently made headlines for responding to criticism he received after others learned about his $7.4 million earnings from his videos in 2014.

He recently responded to his critics here:

Whether you like his videos or not, PewDiePie is doing a lot of things right to earn that kind of bank.

It’s worth learning from him to see how you can apply his video techniques and strategies (e.g. creating longer videos to increase watch time for more visibility, creating content frequently, music integration etc)  when making your own music videos so you can also increase your sales and grow your business.

Click here to check out PewDiePie’s channel.

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