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Online Music Marketing Etiquette Tips for Email, Social Marketing, and YouTube

If you hear somebody talking about proper etiquette you may just think they are old school and may not pay attention to what they are saying.  That may be a big mistake, because it can help you achieve better results in your online music marketing.

It’s understandable why artists need to get the word out about their music, but sometimes they go about it in the wrong way.  For example, if you post an anonymous link and tell someone to check out your music then send them an anonymous friend request with no information on you or your band, you’ve got to realize that many people won’t give your request a second thought.

You’ll need to be mindful of how you communicate with others to improve your results (e.g. get better gigs, more placements, more loyal fans etc).

Here are some tips to help you succeed at music marketing

Email Etiquette

Don’t send unsolicited blasts– Only send emails to people who have requested your band information or who gave you permission to email them.  Always include an unsubscribe option at the bottom of your email to help minimize spam complaints

Social Media Marketing Etiquette

Personalization-Address industry contact by their names when sending them a message or a link to your song.  Make sure you remind them of how you know them and give them a reason to listen to your song and how it will benefit them (remember…people want to know what’s in it for them).

Tags-  Don’t photo tag people if they have nothing to do with the event or photo.

YouTube Etiquette

Don’t use misleading titles– If your title has nothing to do with a video this will likely cause the viewer to get upset since they probably won’t appreciate being tricked.

Edit your video-  If you’re going to play a cover song in your video, make sure your instruments tuned first.  Also, avoid and edit out all distractions in your video (e.g. like your phone ringing while you’re playing).

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