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Neil Young Raises Millions on Kickstarter

Neil Young’s Pono music player raised $6,225,354 in Kickstarter.
How the heck did that happen?
Well, Neil was fed up with MP3s, and thinks the songs from your Smartphone sounds like crap.

He was on a mission to have you hear everything as it was recorded, and bring “feeling” back into music. Neil ended up creating Pono, a high-end digital audio system.

Pono easily reached full funding at $800,000 within hours of opening the doors on Neil’s Kickstarter campaign. The campaign officially went on to raise $6,225,354 in funding from over 18,000 backers, and became the 3rd most funded project in Kickstarter history.
And with endorsements from Eddie Vedder, Flea, Beck, Stephen Stills, and Sting… Neil Young may be on to something.

Click here for more details on Pono music and Neil’s amazingly successful Kickstarter campaign.

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