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Nashville Side Streets

About Nashville Side Streets
“In this house you’re never alone because music makes this house its home.”

The Nashville Side Streets live show is created to exploit the raw talent that is hidden on the streets of Nashville and beyond, and to give people hope that there is still good music “JUST WAITING TO BE HEARD.”

Everyone from writers to performers no one really ever gets to see—and they should–because they are as gifted as many who are seen and heard.

There is so much talent “JUST WAITING TO BE SEEN AND HEARD”.

The show is recorded live in true HD format (1920×1080) by 3 professional SONY video cameras on a fiber optic line, with no line noise and RME sound cards for the best quality.

Anyone can watch it live in any format with enjoyable visuals and awesome sound. Each show features live music from original artists, interviews and stories.

They are indie artists themselves and have been in the music business for years.  They know what it takes & what artists go through because they all live & breathe the music. See it LIVE!

If you want to be featured on the Nasville Side Streets live show just do the following…

1) Click here to sign up with our partner Music Gorilla

2) Send a message to and let them know you came from Indie Music Network to receive free credits (25 credits valued at $25)

3) Submit here by December 31st, 2016.

To your music success,
Traci Crowley

P.S. Click here more information on receiving your credits at no cost

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