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Music Needed for a Micro Licensing Site

A Micro-licensing platform is still looking for music.  They provide pre-cleared rights for small uses including montages and life events videos.

Their primary client base is photographers, videographers, churches and schools.  They are a firm believer in the arts, and have created a platform for artists to support other artists by offering the ability to simply and affordably license music.

For musicians, they are non-exclusive and pay out 70% in Royalties on all licenses.  Their licenses are non-commercial so it’s a great source of income.

100,000 licenses were administered in 2014, and they anticipate 2015 to be their biggest year.

The budget: $20,000 (all in, 50% master / 50% publishing).
Term 1 year plus TV, and cinema.

How to send your submission in.

1) Click here to sign up with our partner Music Gorilla

2) Send a message to and let them know you came from Indie Music Network to receive free credits (25 credits valued at $25)

3) Submit here by April 30th, 2016.

To your music success,
Traci Crowley

P.S. Click here more information on receiving your credits at no cost

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