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Music Mastermind: Mobile Music Game Startup Succeeds with Innovative Game Called Zya

A startup venture called Music Mastermind was formed by keyboard player Matt Serletic (he worked with major artists like Carlos Santana and Matchbox 20) and Bo Bazylevsky (Wall Street veteran and businessman) to create a vision for the next generation of music lovers.

Instead of working with megastars, they are encouraging a new generation of artists and performers to share their own music with an innovative game called Zya, that puts real music creation into the hands of users worldwide by combining interactive, social and music production elements.  Zya allows everyone to create music now, regardless of your experience level, and leverages SoftLayer (an IBM company) to create a cloud-based solution that provides over 250,000 active users in 155 countries a seamless gaming experience anytime you want to create music.

What is particularly exciting about this application is players can easily Remix famous hits (like Blurred Lines and Poker Face), create new songs, or combine elements of both to create and share studio quality music that is your own.  You can also share your masterpieces through Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and more.

It gets even better… is looking for the next breakout ZyaStar, so you can enter your song for a chance to win $10,000 Cash, a Record Deal with Emblem Records (they sold over 80 million album), and if you are the winner you can even go on tour in front of thousands of fans at Digitour 2015

If you would like to see the Zya official trailer check out the video above.

You can find additional information on Music Mastermind at the following location:

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