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Music Gorilla: UK Boy Band Seeking Pop/R&B Tracks

Seeking tracks for a band new 5 piece boyband project that we are in the middle of putting together, possibly for X-Factor.

STYLE: POP/R&B, One Direction – BSB – 5ive – Justin Bieber etc.

NOTE: Seeking finished tracks with master mixes and backing tracks in place.

Please do not send demos, we are only seeking serious songs and master mixes / production to save time as we intend to showcase this boyband to UK majors by April.

1) Click here to sign up with our partner Music Gorilla

2) Send a message to and let them know you came from Indie Music Network to receive free credits (25 credits valued at $25)

3) Submit here by February 28th, 2016.

To your music success,
Traci Crowley

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