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Mastermind Session: Producer vs. Beat Maker- The Music Business (Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Pop)

Although Beat Makers and Music Producers both have very important skills in the music business, there is a clear difference between what they do.  Do you know the difference?

Beat Makers do just that…they make beats.  They either lease or sell beats to an artists and are not involved in the artists creative process.

A producer may be able to make a beat, or instruct others how to make beats, but the difference is A producer is invested into the track or album that they are producing. You may think being a music producer is all fun and games, but when it comes down to it, they are about business. They have to get the product done as tight as possible.

Music producers have more responsibilities than beat makers.  For example, they have to manage a budget.  The labels provide a music producer with a budget for their services, for Sound Engineers, and Songwriters etc.

If you’re working with a producer, you’ll find that he or she needs to be involved.  If you’re off beat, lyrics are wrong etc…the producer needs to let you know so they can get the best quality out of the creative process and get the best sound out of you.  That is why they often have backgrounds in sound engineering.

A beat maker may focus on just selling their beats but producers want to know if you’re serious and ready to put the time it takes into putting out a great product.  For example, they will want to know if you have your marketing strategy together and are invested in your work.

Although a beat maker  wants to provide quality beats, a music producer is concerned with the quality of the end product and how that effects their reputation.  It’s a business and you have to be professional and hold yourself to high standards.

If you want to become a music producer, make sure you do some research so you are clear on what successful producers do, so you can be prepared to go in with a professional attitude and build your reputation by producing a great product.

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