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Magnifi Tries to Bridge Gap Between Listening to Music and Ticket Buying

Deli Radio has been rebranded as MAGNIFI, a streaming service that integrates ticket-buying into the listening experience.

MAGNIFI connects artists, fans, and music venues via a global music platform, to make it easier for fans to discover and engage with their artists.  They have recently announced the latest features designed to transform their live music services.

New Features on MAGNIFI:

  • Enhanced Show Listings – Fans can access show listings from touring artists performing at venues of all sizes across the globe. The listings can be customized by location, genre and date range through a personalized “Shows For You” feature.
  • New Music Player – Fans can listen to (1) playlists of artists performing nearby, (2) playlists by venue or festival, (3) playlists of what’s trending by genre as curated by the MAGNIFI community, and (4) playlists of their favorite songs.
  • In-App Ticket Purchasing and Show Reminders – Fans can purchase tickets without ever leaving the MAGNIFI platform. Additionally, they can easily add show reminders to their calendar and share the event with friends.
  • Community Curation – Fans are able to share and follow artists and venues, they can also favorite songs – helping drive music and event discovery for the MAGNIFI community. This curation empowers fans to promote and learn about great music, touring artists and local venues – all at the same time.

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