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Learn and Master Guitar: Travis Picking with Thom Bresh

The video above features Thom Bresh.  He shows you how to play “Travis Picking“.  This is a syncopated style of fingerpicking. Thom is the son of Merle Travis.

Here is a breakdown of what’s happening in the guitar training video.  Check it out…

2:07- Thom Bresh’ song
4:30- Interview with Thom Bresh
6:20- Travis Picking Technique
8:35- Merle Travis Martin Guitar
10:00- Travis Picking Chord Shapes
12:05- The Importance of the Groove
12:40- Chet Atkins Picking
21:00- Jerry Reed Style
24:55- Richard Smith
25:50- “Guitar Rag”
28:30- “I’ll See You In My Dreams”
32:50- “The Real Merle Travis Guitar” DVD & April Guitar Resources
37:45- Different Types of Picking
41:50- Beginning Travis Picking
46:05 -Being a Guitar Player and Entertainer

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