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Jazz 101: How To Play Jazz 8th Notes and Blues Scale Syncopation

Fantastic musicians have a few traits in common.

They have a specialized knowledge that they can apply to any genre or playing modes instantly, and never run out of things to play.

They are multi-dimensional and the music they play seamlessly incorporates various styles regardless of the primary genre they’re working in.

Their musical growth is continuous, they are confident in their skills, and are not afraid to explore musical elements outside of their comfort zone.

…And I have to admit.

I’m guilty as a teacher of sticking with “one” primary genre.

We’ve taught primarily gospel music by ear for over 7 years. You can pick up our 300-pg home study course and find ear-training, general music theory, and various progressions from other genres, but our main focus up until now was to stick with what you know and that was gospel music.

We finally realized the necessity for ALL musicians to explore other genres as there is a lot to be learned and discovered by doing this.

Not only do you increase your creativity by pulling chords, licks, patterns, and tricks from other places, but you break yourself away from being limited to one style of playing. This can make your creativity limitless.

So many musicians get stuck trying to figure out why they keep playing the same stuff over and over again, year after year. What’s worse is some completely lose interest because they’ve realized that most songs in a particular genre follow certain patterns, they learn them all, and find it extremely difficult to step outside the “genre” to learn new patterns.
If you’re ready to challenge yourself to make that transition from a good to a great jazz musician you should know that…

“Finally… There is a Systematic Way to Learn Jazz By Ear…”

Since you’re still reading this page, it’s clear to me that you’re interested in learning how to play by ear and exploring the jazz genre a bit more.

And if you’re like me, you’ll agree that jazz is one of the most popular genres in the world today. In many cases, it’s the “go to” music that is a foundation of many genres. Whether you end up listening to jazz in a doctor’s office, an elevator, hold music on the phone, in a fancy restaurant… jazz is all around you and is here to stay.

It’s even commonly used as an adjective to describe ways to play other genres e.g. you’ve probably heard musicians say “jazz that up a little bit”

That’s why I’m finally answering the thousands of musicians who have begged us to teach the basics of jazz by ear — and now you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips to learn how to start playing jazz right now.

Master Jazz & Blues NOW!

HOURS More detailed jazz instruction HERE.

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