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Jazz 101: How To Play Bass Lines With Left Hand

Do you consider yourself to be a “One Dimensional” musician?

I have yet to meet somebody who actually wants to be limited to playing the same chords over and over again or the same bass lines. As you can imagine, that can quickly get really boring.

Knowing only one style of music can be ok if that’s what you like, but if you want to challenge yourself to really grow as a musician and experience the excitement and unpredictability that comes with growth, you should consider expanding your skills to other styles.

Adding even one style of music to your playing, especially one like jazz that encourages you to show your improvisational skills, can have a major effect on how you approach music forever.

You can unlock areas of creativity you didn’t even know were inside of you if you are just able to understand jazz.

So without further ado…

Master jazz piano NOW!

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