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Ineffective Ways Bands Promote Their Music

It’s no surprise that musicians are always trying to find a way to promote their music.  That’s to be expected, but there is a fine line between promoting your music, and going too far in your promotions so that your key stakeholders are put off by what you are offering.

Here are some ineffective ways that many bands use to promote their music (make sure you avoid doing these things).

1) Posting constantly

It’s good to share information on your upcoming shows or your links to an album you have online.  What is not good is if you decide to post the same message every two or three hours.  This can really upset your fans so make sure you avoid doing this.

2) Adding comments randomly

Don’t write comments just to promote your music.  You may have come across people posting random comments on a comment thread that is completely unrelated to the topic (e.g. a comment about how much money your aunt made from home on a music video comment thread etc).  If you post comments always make sure they are related to the topic of discussion so your comments are just not flagged as spam, and aren’t annoying readers so they aren’t automatically turned off of your music.

3) Sending out individual messages randomly

If you thought about sending out mass messages to others, please think long and hard before you do this.  It’s one thing to have a mailing list where people subscribe to your list and are signed up to receive additional information from you.  It’s a whole other thing if you send out mass messages with the hopes of someone checking out your music.  Spamming others with the hopes of gaining some interest in your music will likely create more harm than good, and can cause headaches or far worse  for all involved.

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