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Indie Band Promotion: Overlooked Band Merchandise Items

Many fans love supporting their favorite artists, but don’t always want to spend money on expensive band merchandise.  Fortunately, there is a good solution.

Here are some overlooked merchandise items  that are inexpensive, but can help you get the word out about your band or music artist.


Lots of people have a need for a lighter.  You can try selling lighters at your show for $5 (as long as its not a safety violation) and include a download code for your music.  You could even make an exclusive song that’s sold with the lighters.

Tote Bags

Many people use Tote Bags to carry their stuff around at shows or other places, so why not have your band displayed on the tote bag for more exposure?

Ear Plugs

We all may love listening to music, but if you’ve gone to a lot of shows, your ears may need a bit of a break.  Band ear plugs that come with a carrying case can be a great tool for getting the word out about your music.  It can also help encourage your fans to hear much more of your music in the future.


It’s amazing how many people still love stickers, regardless of where they end up being stuck to when all is said and done.  You can sell your songs and throw some music stickers in with the sale, and you may be surprised how happy your customers are with this added bonus.


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