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Independent Album Release: Why Your Customers Should Buy Music from YOUR Website

Many musicians want to know “How Am I Supposed to Sell Any Albums From My Own Site When iTunes Sells the Music for Less and Spotify Gives it Away for Free

This is a great question, and John Oszajca creator of the Viral Music Toolkit, had some great tips on why it’s important that you try to control sales of your music yourself.  This can help you generate the most revenue for your music, and allow you to have better control of your customers experience.

You can benefit by moving beyond a one time sale, and provide other incentives or upsells to your customers via your own website.

For example, if you include a box set on your thank you page, you may be able to get e.g.  $30 per sale instead of $10 for a download sale, and build your own mailing list in the process so you can continue to engage with your customers in the future.

So why should your customers buy music from your website?

The reason is called WINDOWING:

Although this model is not set in stone or required to sell a record,  it’s a great way to increase your music income without losing sight of other current platforms, and opportunities out there that can also help you increase your music income.






First 1-3 months or so you sell distribute to increase your fanbase.
Your music isn’t available anywhere else…it is exclusive offer for your fans.
You make 100% of the money, less processing fees


Next 3-6 months or so you can try distributing your music digitally

Make it available on Amazon, Itunes as this may be more convenient for your fans to buy.
You cam run highly targeted ads to reach fans.  You may make less money then selling your music on your website, but you can still generate sales


End of Cycle

Get your music on streaming services.  Although you likely won’t make most of your music income from streaming, you shouldn’t ignore this revenue stream.

Stay tuned for more tips for successfully releasing your own records.

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