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Vocals 84%
Style 85%
Production 84%
Playability 85%
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We were impressed with King Mixers' thoughtful melodies, songwriting, and strong production. The vocals and music are comforting, familiar, and engaging even while we're left pondering how to navigate a difficult world. Check out King Mixers' tunes and you'll see that there is a place for classic pop rock in today's music. Click the "Buy Here Now" button below to purchase King Mixers' music from CD Baby. Check out the Zookeepers single here: https://kingmixer.bandcamp.com/track/zookeepers-single

Overall Score 84%
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Hi Fellow Indie-Musicians, check out our new featured artist…King Mixer a.k.a. Eric Howell.

Zookeepers-cover-soundcloudIf you take members of veteran bands BoDeans, Off Broadway, Smoking Popes, Robbie Fulks, Lupe Fiasco and NRBQ and blend their talents on one album, the final document might result in ‘Music On The Bones’ – the forthcoming LP from Chicago collective King Mixer.

The album won’t drop til summer 2015 but two lead off singles have been digitally launched this month with a 7  limited edition vinyl launch of the singles coming soon.

King Mixer is both musical ensemble and performing alias of Chicago songwriter and front man Eric Howell, who has developed a sound described as “equal parts Paul McCartney and Paul Simon backed by R.E.M.” (Audities Powerpop Fanzine).

In the realm of King Mixer Howell takes up the classic pop rock sword at a moment when guitar rock is fighting for a place in modern music.

In doing so, King Mixer creates lasting impressions from memorable hooks that quickly get under your skin and into your bones.

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Traci Crowley

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