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Humtap- Social Music Making App Helps Users Easily Create Your Own Music for Videos

Humtap is a new app that is looking to awaken people’s creativity by giving you the ability to create your own music and add music to your videos.  After filming a short clip, Humtap users can begin creating beats, melodies and more with royalty and copyright free music.

The process of making music using Humptap is easy: First, users can create a new video or select existing ones from their iPhone libraries. Then, they hum a melody or sing into Humtap. The app then returns their vocal recording in the form of an enhanced, fully produced song that can be played back in three genres: Hip Hop, Rock, and Electro. The app attaches their music to their video, which is then ready to be shared with friends. Users can also layer or mute their own singing voice in the music.

Once the project is complete, users can share their music creations via social media, and/or keep your own songs for other uses.

The difference between Humtap and other video/music options like Cymbal is there are no complications with copyright infringement or royalty payments when you use the app to create music yourself.

Many people may want to have fun with this app, but artists and record labels can use the app as a new way to interact with music fans, artists, and other music professionals by e.g. showing them current projects they are working on.

Humtap’s Founder and CEO, a former Wall Street executive and Managing Director at Merrill Lynch Tamer Rashad said…

“We’re taking social video to the next level by empowering users to create their own, entirely original music and soundtracks for the content they share. It’s something that’s never been done before,”  “With four billion videos viewed daily on Facebook alone, largely due to user generated content, we see massive opportunity for our technology to launch the next mobile video star.”

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