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How YouTube Monetization Works

If you’re like most indie musicians you would like to earn more money from your music. One way that many artists are now making money from their music is by enrolling in the YouTube Monetization program. The amount of money you earn from this program is not based so much on views but on ad revenue generated by your videos, and user generated content that features your music.

First things first, your content has to be advertiser-friendly (not explicit, harrasing, violent, drug related, sensitive to sensitive subjects like natural disasters), and you must have permission to use it commercially and the ability to prove it. Also your content has to comply with the YouTube terms of service and community guidelines.

If your content is advertiser-friendly and you’re prepared to monetize your videos, you should know that there are several factors that determine how much money you earn from ad impressions when an ad is shown on your videos.  There are also various factors that affect your YouTube revenue.

Here are the 4 primary types of YouTube ads you’ll see

  1. Display ads
  2. Overlay ads
  3. Skippable video ads
  4. Non-skippable video ads


















YouTube determines if and what kind of ad is shown on your video every time someone clicks to watch that ad on Youtube.

There are four checkpoints each video goes though.

  1. Enabled
  2. Allowed
  3. Requested
  4. Served

Click here for more information on what the checkpoints consist of and how it can effect your earnings.


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