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How to Write A Press Release (And Get Press)

Most artists would love a 5 star album review in Rolling Stone, but the reality is there is a slim chance that will happen, especially if you have never received press.  The good news is there still are many different avenues for getting media coverage that can really benefit your music career.  For example, local publications in cities you’re touring at, blogs, magazines and local papers.

An added benefit of  trying to get press in a smaller publication is they may looking for material to publish and don’t have a huge backlog of CDs waiting to be reviewed as high profile press outlets do, like Rolling Stone.

Regardless of where you try to get press, you have to make sure you can answer these questions…”What can I do for them? Why does my story deserve coverage?”

You may want to book some shows at well-respected venues in small towns and contact the local newspaper to get some press.  Also, save the best reviews you get and post them on your website.  Larger publications will want to see that you’ve been getting press before considering writing a story about you or your band.

The Press Release

Now that we’re in the digital age, most publications don’t require hard press kits anymore, but you’ll need a press release regardless if you want people to take your music seriously.  The press release is a one-page fact sheet highlighting who/what/where/why/and when pertaining to your upcoming event.  Don’t attach it to an email, they won’t want to download an attachment from a stranger.  If they want your press release they’ll ask you for it after you make your introduction.

  • Make sure your contact information is very clear so there is no confusion on how to contact you.  Make sure you add your contact email at the top and bottom of the press release.
  • Include a title of your press release and put it in the subject of your initial email.  Your title should be to the point and exciting enough for the reviewer to keep reading it.
  • Make sure it is readable and enticing because many publications will reprint it word for word.
  • Send out your release for an event and something newsworthy, not old news.
  • The first paragraph should just contain the facts so the reviewer knows where your event is taking place
  • The second paragraph is where you include the background of your band and what makes your band unique.
  • The third paragraph should contain information about the event e.g. discuss your tour here
  • The last sentences should showcase why the reviewer should cover your event or band and come out to watch your show




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