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How to Network in the Music Industry for Free

If you want to be a professional musician, you not only should master your craft, but its also important to you put proactive effort into building a strong network to help you get your music heard.  If you are DIY musician on a budget you may not be able to drop hundreds of dollars on a weekend conference, but no worries, there are several ways you can grow your network for free.

Join local music industry meetup groups

Look up music industry meeting groups in your community. They are typically free to join and you’ll often find other musicians, promoters, record shop owners, booking agents etc. participating in these groups

Do your research beforehand

Reach out to others to make a connection with others, but do research beforehand on the people you would like to work with who can actual.

Show your support

Showing support for your networks is a great way to develop relationships.  Engage with others and they will likely engage with you too!

For more tips visit this link for details

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