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How to Create Your Own Music Video

There is a new app for iOS called Triller that helps you create your own music videos for your favorite songs. Triller is currently in the process of working on an app for Android too. What’s really useful about this app is that you don’t need any editing skills to create your music video either.

This is how it works…

Choose a song from the app’s library or from your own music library
Select which part of the song you want to cover
Record a couple of takes as you sing along with your favorite song
Make your video– The app automatically edits all the takes together to make your video

If you make a mistake with the music lyrics etc. no need to worry. Triller lets users record as many takes as you want and customize the footage using one of the apps 14 video filters that is available.

What’s pretty cool is that once you’re satisfied with what you created, the app will automatically edit all the takes together. If you don’t like how Triller pieces the takes together, you can easily delete the takes.

Check out the video above for more details.

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