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How A Musician Can Make $19,000 in Days Using Twitter

A musician named Amanda Palmer made $19,000 in a few days, not from album sales, but from using the power of Twitter to make money. This story has blown a lot of peoples mind so she shared how she did it.

Amanda has a pretty engaged Twitter audience and she leverages twitter to gather crowds of fans…sometimes 200 people would come out to meet her with only one days notice. She also schedules last minute gigs on Twitter.

Amanda twittered a secret gig in LA one morning and about 350 folks showed up 5 hours later at a warehouse space where she performed. She was able to rally her twitter fans and began trending on twitter.
An impromptu webpage was put up where she sold $11,000 in Tshirts and later followed that up with webcast from her apartment to make $6000. She also made $2200 in a Twitter donation only gig (she gave $400 back to the studio for the space and the help).

You may not have as many engaged Twitter followers or the fanbase of Amanda, but you’ve got to start somewhere. If you put in the effort and use your creativity can YOU advance your music career using the power of social media (like Twitter) to get more followers and more music sales? You’ll never know if you don’t try. Give it a real shot and see what happens.

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