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GospelKeys Urban Pro 625: The Secret to Sounding Contemporary

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play contemporary, urban gospel music, we’ve found a great resource for you.

It’s an audio course by “Hear & Play” featuring a highly sought after keyboard player named Jonathan Powell.  The course specializes in giving you that jazzy, soul and R&B feeling and sound when you play urban gospel music.  The course fuses  all of these styles together to create a very modern, “urban”sound.

It’s difficult to explain but they have live audio samples on their website so we suggest you go check them out because you’ll learn a whole lot.

Meanwhile, here are a few things it covers:

* How to master the art of passing chords so that your chord
progressions and songs never sound dull or “predictable.” As
you’ll learn in the course, the goal is to be unpredictable.”
That’s when you know you’ve finally arrived.

* How to implement a host of simple tricks that are guaranteed
to instantly add that well-known west coast, “urban” flavor to
your playing (…you hear this style on a lot of contemporary
gospel albums).

* Beef up your playing drastically by adding these small little
grace notes fill-ins, and slides to your  chord transitions.
Jon utilizes this trick at least 80% of the time and he spills
the beans on exactly what to do to really “own” it.

* Learn the ways of the west coast and how to contemporize your
playing by using countless numbers of “phatchords, movements,
and accidentals!

* How to play tons of opened and closed chords and how to use
them at the right time to make your playing really stand out and
get the attention of your listeners.

… And much much more!

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