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Get Your Music Heard Now!

If you are tired of not getting the exposure you need and are ready to Get Your Music Heard Now… check this out.

There is a great resource we had to tell you about that will give you access to exclusive information that can help you get:

  • More Airplay
  • Distribution
  • Gigs
  • Reviews…and more








The resource is called the Indie Bible, and the directories in the Ultimate Indie Bundle can really help you build your brand by leveraging contact information for over 7000 radio stations, magazines, and music blogs that want to showcase YOUR music and hear your story.

What’s great about the bundle is that the listings are from around the world and are updated daily, so you can have reliable information at your fingertips.

Here’s what you get with the Ultimate Indie Bundle.


The Indie Bible

  • 2500 magazines and music blogs
  • 1100 labels and distributors
  • 3100 radio stations
  • 1000 promotion, management, marketing, and PR services
  • 400 sites where you can upload your band’s videos or MP3’s

The Indie Bible ONLINE

  • 1 Year subscription.  Categorized by 43 genres
  • Search, Sort, and Export data.
  • New listings added daily

The Indie Venue Bible

  • 3600 booking agents in the US and Canada
  • 35,000 venues, festivals and colleges  in the US and Canada

The amount of value you receive is incredible and this is the only book of contacts you’ll need to promote your music.

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To your music succcess,


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