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Get Honest Feedback and Stats on Your Songs from Audiokite

It’s always a good idea to get feedback on your music so you can gauge how the market will receive it.  Many musicians know this already and do get a lot of feedback on their music, but the problem is a lot of the feedback comes from their friends and family.  Family and friends are great, but its likely you’re just not going to get unbiased feedback from them, and that will do you no favors as you’re trying to successfully release your music to the world.

For example, you may need to know what song should be your lead single.  Your family may say all your songs are great…and that’s just not going to help you out.  Its important that you get objective feedback from others…especially prospective customers, and now there is a great tool to help you with that called Audiokite.

Audiokite uses crowdsourcing to help musicians and labels gain insight into the public perception and commercial potential of their music. They provide you with feedback from consumers located in the US.  The reviewers are from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, and there are about 10,000 listeners there who can provide feedback. They complete a survey about YOUR song, and you’ll receive their thoughts on the details of your track  e.g. beats, song structure, lyrics, and vocals.  You will receive a report with the survey results as well, so you can get a good understanding of how to proceed with your music launch plan after receiving objective feedback…to help ensure your music success.

Check out the video above for details.

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