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Four Things That Successful Musicians Do Differently

As you know some people create music as a hobby, while others create music for their livelihood.  Christine Occhino created a guest post on Sonicbids that discusses the characteristics that professional musicians exhibit that help them achieve long term success in the music industry.

1)  Thoughtful and methodical practicing

Successful musicians practice consistently with a purpose and focus on improving their craft. They also set concrete goals to help position them for succeess.

2) Taking advantage of resources and multiple income streams

At times, it can be challenging maintaining the lifestyle you would like to as a musician. As a result its important to know how to stretch your money and take advantage of opportunities that can help you reach your music goals without setting you back. Getting a record deal and going on tour can provide you with many opportunities, but don’t forget about other areas that can help you increase your income like e.g. sync licensing, session work, teaching, songwriting, publishing, producing music etc.

3) Wise budgeting and financial planning

Successful musicians think ahead and budget.  They run their music career as a business.  Although musicians may have more freedom  to explore opportunities and set your work schedule, it’s important that you learn some good fundamentals on long-term financial planning, to insure you have long term stability and growth in your music career.

4)  Continue to learn and grow

Successful musicians know that learning is never over.   There is always room for growth and improvement, even if you are a world-class musician.  If you want to be a professional musician, make sure you pay attention to other great artists to learn what they are doing to achieve long term success. Keep your technique fresh and your sound current.  You may want to learn from the greats that came before you and learn how they found success as well.

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