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Four Services Musicians Should Register With to Make More Money

Many DIY artists don’t know about or take the time to register their music with organizations that can help them make more money.

Here are four services you should make sure you register with so you don’t lose out on music income.

  1. Performing Rights Organizations
    PROs  collect performance royalties.  These are royalties paid when musical compositions (not sound recordings) are played on digital radio, terrestrial radio, streamed online, heard on television, played in a live performanace, or played in public locations like restaurants or bars.

    If anyone uses your music in those settings and you’re not propersly registered, you won’t be getting paid for your music

  2. SoundExchange
    When it comes to copyrights and the practice of the music business, sound recordings are treated separately from musical compositions. Registering for SoundExchange is free and will insure you receive royalties when your recordings are streamed or digiitally performed
  3. Harry Fox Agency
    This agency collects mechanical royalties, which are the royalties paid from the owner of the sound recording to the owner of the composition for the privilege of reproducing the composition onto the master recording.
  4. YouTube
    Although the YouTube revenue system may seem complicated, it basically involves monetizing your videos by allowing YouTube to show ads before your video starts, and then you share in the revenue generated from those ads.

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