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Five Tips to Help You Succesfully Secure Sponsors for Your Band

Artists often develop relationship with local business and manufacturers to gain additional promotion, merchandise, and public credibility.

We know from first hand experience working in Multi-Cultural marketing for a large corporation, that companies on the other hand, often leverage relationships with artists to gain additional brand and product exposure in markets where they may not currently have a great reach.

This becomes a vehicle for making their brand more “cool” and relevant to consumers who have a lot of spending power, but have not used it with those companies as the companies previous marketing efforts may have had little or no appeal to them.

In a previous post we told you about a podcast you should check out that provides tips on how to land a sponsorship for your band.
Hypebot also provides some good insights here:

Here are five additional tips you can leverage to help you land sponsors for your band.

1) Make a comprehensive list of businesses you wish to target that you feel could clearly benefit by sponsoring your band.

You need to do some research on the prospective companies to see what markets they target, and get a feel for whether or not their products or services would appeal to your bands audience.

2) Survey your customers specifically about your prospective sponsors brand or products

This will allow you to gauge awareness and reputation of the companies brand.  If the companies  target customers are aligned with your bands audience , and you can demonstrate that there is opportunity for the company to gain more loyal customers by partnering with you, this can be a win win situation for your band and the sponsor.

This can also open the door to other sponsorship opportunities when other companies see your successful campaign(s) in the market as a result of your successful partnership with your sponsor.

3) Create a relevant press kit

Your press kit needs to be designed with your sponsors in mind.  You should show pictures or videos of you or your band actively promoting your prospective customers products, in a way that shows that customers are engaged, and interested in learning more about your products and becoming loyal customers.

4) Do a good job showing the companies how they will benefit if they sponsor you

Companies are like people.  They want to know what’s in it for them. You need to demonstrate that you understand the businesses objectives and brand, and can help them increase brand awareness, brand reputation, or directly impact their bottom line sales by sponsoring with you (a.k.a. increase brand ownership).

5) Never sign a sponsorship agreement without consulting a skilled business representative, like an attorney.

This will help insure your interests are protected in the agreement, and help make sure your sponsorship agreement is set up in a way that can help insure you succeed in meeting the agreed upon deliverables.


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