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IMN Featured Artist: Elise Hayes

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Vocals 86%
Style 77%
Production 84%
Playability 87%
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We were impressed with Elises' polish from the start. A well rounded sound was backed up with nice production on the backside.

Overall Score 83%
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Hi Fellow Indie-Musicians,

Elise Hayes is a new addition to our featured Artists section…

Elise Hayes

Elise Hayes
Elise Hayes likes to describe herself as a Pop artist with an R&B/Soul sensibility. With influences ranging from James Taylor to Gladys Knight, Elise affectively blends thoughtful songwriting with a soulful punch.

Elise began her musical endeavors in the quaint, New England town of Keene, NH. Now a city girl, Elise lives in Boston, MA where she attended Berklee College of Music. There, she was given the opportunity to perform with and for several music industry giants such as Barry Eastmond, Steve Winwood, Philip Bailey, Rosa Passos, Howard Shore, and many more.

In 2008, she formed the Neo-Soul group, Sutra, and they collectively performed all over New England and the Boston bar circuit (Harper’s Ferry, Middle East Upstairs and Downstairs, Harp, Cask and Flagon, Bill’s Bar, Church of Boston, Polcari’s, Mt. Snow, Henesseys, The Green Dragon. She was also the recipient of an award for Outstanding Achievement in Vocal Performance in 2009.

Now, at the end of her college career, Elise has just released her first EP, “Steady the Pace” in December of 2009. She can’t wait to share her music with listeners and hopes that they can find solace together through music.

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