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Drums 103: Advanced Licks, Tricks, and Grooves- Clip 4 Drum Triplets

The video demonstration above builds on what you learned in the last video with Flam Taps and covers other advanced techniques, like Drum Triplets.

You’ll see how to use “triplets” in your drumming and why it is so powerful in different situations to really help your groove stand apart from others.

The video shows you how to hit 2 Flam Taps, and in between the Flams you hit the bass drum, then a Drum Stop…and more!

Also make sure you check out Bam’s rim shot secrets (you hit the side of the rim and skin at the same time), and see and hear how to use them appropriately. This is something many musicians don’t understand.

As you watch this video, keep in mind that these are advanced techniques. If you aren’t ready to hang with this yet you can watch and listen to the techniques and keep practicing until you can duplicate them successfully.

Keep checking back at our site to see some more drum videos. If you would like more advanced training techniques right now, just click the red button below to get the Hear and Play Drums 103 drums series.

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Hear and Play Drums 103: Featuring "Bam" Alexander

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