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Did Spotify Become A Record Label Too?

Spotify just held it’s much anticipated press conference in New York.  Although there was no new update on the subscriber numbers, some cool new featured were announced.  For example, Spotify Now on iPhone, which allows the user to tap their fingers and find music that suits their activity, mood, and time of day.  It was also announced that they would be adding other features like audio shows and video clips to its offerings.

Althought there were some exciting new things announced, the hot topic at the conference was about Spotify Running .  This allows Spotify to respond to a runner’s heartbeat and mould an on-the-go playlist to suit ther runners activity. Spotify Running is also being integrated into the RunKeeper fitness app.  They have also announced a partnership with Nike+ to move momentum forward even more.

The big news is Spotify Running doesn’t just offer listeners a licensed catalogue, but…
Spotify is directly commissioning and signing it’s own music!

So it appears that Spotify is now paying for marketing and distribution of music content, therefore getting a test of the world of managing music rights, and sending a message that they can work with artists themselves.

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