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Did 3 Undergrads Create Instagram For Music?

Three undergraduates have created an app called Cymbal evolved from a music blog Jacobs initially created in High School. Cymbal has been referred to as the Instagram for music and “music discovery powered by friends, not algorithms”. The app has a simple interface and allows users to post just one song, illustrated by colorful album art. The app also compliments other music services, as opposed to posing a threat to them.

Similar to Instagram, Cymbal includes a home feed, followers, likes comments, hastags, tags, and personal profiles.  Cymbal is your song, maybe a throwback jam from back in the day.  Your home feed becomes an updated playlist curated by your friends, your profile: the soundtrack to your life.

In the same way you’d upload an album of your favorite vacation photos to Facebook and the best one to Instagram, you create a Spotify playlist and set the best one as your Cymbal.

In only a few months this app has been downloaded at least 17,000 times, and the founders recently landed $1.1 million in seed financing.

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