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Create Your Own Dropbox/Google Drive Based Music Streaming Service With CloudPlayer for Android

Music streaming services are very popular but many people dont want to pay $10/month for a service that doesn’t have the songs you want. 

If you could make your own music streaming service that would stream your own music collection no matter what device you were using would you like this?

Although there’s no truly decentralized, user-controlled music streaming service yet, this is the idea behind doubleTwists’s new CloudPlayer app that’s “launching on Android first” (iOS version should be tagging along soon?).

doubleTwist CloudPlayer lets you hack your own music streaming service that’s currently limited to Android and the storage space you have on Dropbox/Google Drive.

You just upload your music collection to either/both cloud storage services (this can take a couple of hours up to a couple of days), then you get the Android app, connect your accounts and let CloudPlayer do its thing.

The app will scan your cloud storage, identify songs and sort them in the app.

Stay tuned more more information.

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