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Common Mistakes Bands Make with Facebook

Many musicians use Facebook, but are not making the most out of this platform.  Here are some of the biggest mistakes and how to fix them.

  1. Focusing on likes over engagement
    Although seeing a page with many Facebook likes is tangible.  It doesn’t mean a whole lot if the engagement with your fans is not there.Do you know one reason why engagement is so important? Facebook’s algorithm basically filters all the content on Facebook to serve up the most relevant posts to people, and what determines relevance is Engagement.Wouldn’t you rather have a small following of fans who comment on posts consistently rather than a big following that never engages and may not actually care about your indie music?
  2. Inconsistency
    Make sure you post consistently to give your fans content on a regular basis.  This is great for encouraging them to come back for more of what you have to share or offer.
  3. Relying too much on Facebook
    Focus on using Facebook as a tool to drive your fans to your desired outcome.  That could mean getting your fans to your website, or encouraging them to join your email list etc.
    At the end of the day it’s a good idea to rely on your own methods to gain and keep your fans in the long run.

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