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Are You Marketing Your Music to the Right People

We came across a really good article that poses a great question…

Are you Marketing Your Music to the Right People?

Some may argue that any marketing is great.  Sure any Marketing you do can give you and your music exposure, but you want the right kind of exposure…the kind that can truly help you take your career in the direction you’re trying to go.

You’ve really got to look at your music career as a business, and just like any business, if you put together bad business deals or deal with the wrong people who don’t have your best interest at heart, this can come back to bite you.  It can ultimately stall your music career, shake your confidence, and prevent you from reaching your true music potential.

We’re not saying this to scare you, we are saying this to help give you a reality check and make sure you are setting yourself up for  music success!

With that said, check out the article at the link below.

They discuss places you should NOT market your music to.

For example: The General Public

This is not a good use of your resources because you can spend a lot of time and money marketing your music to people who aren’t even interested in your genre or style of music.

They also discuss places you SHOULD market your music too.

For example:  Companies and people who cater to your target audience

You know the audience is already interested in your style and genre of music, so you have a captive audience, and potential fans ready to check out your music right now.

Click here to see if you are marketing your music to the right people

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