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Authenticity 88%
Guitar 82%
Songwriting 83%
Production 70%
Playability 75%
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Alien Beagle isn't about gimmicks or tricks. It's grassroots, organic music the way indie-music was meant to be played. Our playback copy was missing production polish, but the authenticity of the music comes through in AB's live shows.

Overall Score 79% The Real Deal
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If your like most of us here at Indie-MusicNetwork.com…looking for some good music from a talented musician that catches your attention, you’ll want to check out “Alien Beagle“.


Alien Beagle

Alien Beagle is the creation of Pat Powell. The first single “Hole In the Moon” was released March 1, 2013 and was immediately put on the 2013 Winter Music Conference Compilation CD garnering much praise. Pat Powell’s style is similar to “Heavy Metal Blues” within the vein of Progressive/Industrial Rock. Pat Powell has been playing keyboards and  guitar since he was nine years old…and this is evident when listening to his music chops. Powell is very versatile and has studied Blues, Jazz, Rock and R&B guitar styles. Powell also performs rather aggressive solo acoustic shows. Powell is presently based in South Florida.

Alien Beagle is an artist you want to check out.  His current works are great…and he’s working on another song (The Illusion- Short Clip) that is already sounding like a classic.  You can access it below along with his existing songs.

Hole In The Moon

Hole In the Moon Pat Powell

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