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Adam Levine’s New “Songland” TV Pilot Gives Songwriters Opportunity to Pitch Original Songs to Music Industry Producers and Artists

While artists make money on songs that they record, songwriters have multiple avenues and points at which they can generate a lot of revenue from their works.  You may get an opportunity to get a firsthand look of the ins and outs of songwriting via a TV series, targeting songwriters. The Voice executive producer Audrey Morrisey and coach Adam Levine  are teaming up with Grammy Award-winning songwriter Dave Stewart, for a tv pilot called Songland.

This show features Songwriters as the real king and queen of the music industry. The show is expected to feature everyday people with compelling stories  and original compositions.  This provides an amazing opportunity for songwriters to pitch their songs to the music industry’s biggest artists and producers who are prime to find the next big smash global hit.

Songland is being produced by Levine’s 222 Productions, and Live Animals in association with Dave Stewart Entertaiment.

The show doesn’t have a release date yet, so stay tuned for more details.

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