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7 Common Mistakes Songwriters Make When Registering Songs

If you ask people who work at Performance Rights Organizations (PRO) like BMI, ASCAP, or SESAC, they’ll tell you that they see many common mistakes when songwriters register songs.

The issue is that these mistakes or omissions will end up costing artists money and someone will end up not getting paid when it’s time to collect royalties.

Here are 7 common mistakes as outlined by Songtrust .

  1. All song performers are not listed
  2. All writers and publishers and thier correct shares are not listed
  3. Alternate titles (like those used for some music libraries) are not listed
  4. The writer/publisher account has incorrect contact information
  5. All samples aren’t licensed or cleared
  6. Songs have names that are not clear or are too difficult to remember
  7. Songs performed live are not listed with the proper Performance Rights Organizations

You don’t want to make these Songwriter mistakes, so make sure you fill out paperwork correctly to make sure you get paid…and when expected.

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