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10 Black and Latino Musicians Changing the Face of Classical Music

When you think of indie musicians you may have a couple images in your mind about what an indie music artist looks like. You can even do a Google images search for indie musicians and you can see some images of more prominent indie musicians that are showing up in the search results.

The thing is this isn’t necessarily representative of how diverse indie musicians are. Just take a look in the mirror…do you look like many of the indie musicians you hear about?

Not only can the faces of indie musicans show diversity, but so can the range of indie music genres. From indie rock to indie hip hop and classical. Did I say classical? Yep, I sure did. Even though classical music may not be your first choice to add to your playlists…you may want to think twice about this and consider checking out how classical music may be able to enhance your tunes.

Why? Because learning something from this genre can add a new dimension to your songs that can enhance the quality of your music and open it up to a wider audience. Rap music is a good example of this, as many artists have successfully sampled classic music in their rap songs.

Are you really ready to take your music to the next level?

If you are, make sure you keep your mind open for opportunities and possibilities and maybe you’ll be able to collaborate with other great artists like these 10 Black and Latino musicians who are changing the face of classical music.

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